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A Chickling Ballet - Ferdinand and Nina Baby Chicks Dancing

"A Chickling Ballet" fine art print on watercolor paper
It should come as no surprise that dancing a duet in a ballet was not Ferdinand's idea of an adventure. But it certainly was Nina's. She loved the thought of wearing a pink tutu and a sparkling tiara and dancing onstage in satin pointe shoes

The Colts and the Rams - Football Season in Zehland

Labor Day signals the official start of the football season in Zehland every year. With fall approaching, everyone looks forward to watching their favorite teams play.

Ferdinand had wanted to be on one of the teams, but he realized that as the only chick, he would have been trampled by the larger animals, so he just watches like everyone else.

 Nina likes to watch the game too especially when her favorite team, the Colts, are playing (they wear pink and purple, so naturally they are her favorite).

Father's Day Croquet

Father's Day in Zehland means a family gathering with a barbeque. But that's not all! After everyone has had their fill, while Mother Hens are cleaning up, the Rooster Dads go out on the lawn with their offspring for a lively game of croquet. As long as the weather is nice.

Well, the weather was very nice on this Father's Day. So everyone got their colored balls and mallets and went out to play.

Nina's Broken Bone - A Chickling Story

This Chickling painting and story is a special order for one of the Zehland collectors who broke her hip recently. Happy to say, she is on the mend and will be home soon!

No one knows exactly how it happened (except perhaps Ferdinand and he’s not telling), but Nina found herself quite unexpectedly laid up with her leg in a cast. Nina is a fast hopper and she had been racing Ferdinand home from the library. She had caught up to him and almost passed him when suddenly she tripped on something and took a nasty fall.

Baby Polar Bear Chickling

You know it's cold in Zehland when the polar bears come to visit. They appear out of the Far North in the deep of winter and stay only as long as the weather is frigid.

Last week, the temperature was so low that it felt Arctic. So Ferdinand and Nina decided to build an igloo. They had studied all about the Arctic in school. Ferdinand had done a presentation on how to build igloos for his project and Nina had made some native Inuit costumes for hers. So they felt prepared. Nina pulled out her faux fur boots and parkas to keep them warm while they got to work.

Hansel and Gretel Halloween

It was Halloween and Ferdinand wanted to be a ghost again since he had so much fun scaring all his friends the year before.

But Nina would not hear of it. A white sheet thrown over the head was all very well for your first Halloween, but the second demanded something more elaborate. She was enchanted by the story of Hansel and Gretel and the Gingerbread House. Perhaps if she and Ferdinand dressed as Hansel and Gretel they would find a gingerbread house too.

Ferdinand did not think so.

"Why not?" asked Nina, "Hansel and Gretel dressed that way and look what they found!"

This was hard to argue with. It was true.

Ferdinand for President

Ferdinand is running for president. Seriously!
 He actually has a fairly good following among the animals at Tulipa Farm. And if you have not yet decided about the coming election, he would like your vote as well.

Lemonade Entrepreneurs

It all began when Mother Hen sent Ferdinand to the store to buy some nice berries for the family dinner. Ferdinand does not enjoy shopping, so as it turns out, he was not the best choice for the errand. Nina likes to shop, but she was busy with chores. Even so, Mother Hen should have sent her.

Ferdinand and Nina on the Fourth of July

Home>Chicklings>Ferdinand and Nina on the Fourth of July

Ferdinand and Nina have decked out their boat for the Fourth of July holiday. They've decked themselves out too in red, white and blue. While they enjoy the fireworks display, they have not forgotten those who serve and all who have served to keep our country free. Let's thank a veteran today for our freedom!

Cool in the Pool

Home>Chicklings>Cool in the Pool

It has been a hot summer in Zehland. Nina has found a floating tea light candle holder and is enjoying the pool from the middle of its waterlily cup. A little butterfly has stopped by for a visit, perhaps thinking the flower is real.  Nina's Waterlily Float fine art print is for sale in the Zehland Etsy shop.

Ferdinand and Nina in Honolulu

Home>Chicklings>Ferdinand and Nina in Honolulu

It's been a great day at the beach and now Ferdinand and Nina are going to do a bit of shopping. Here they are waiting for the trolley to the Ala Moana mall.

Ferdinand and Nina in Honolulu fine art print is for sale at

Ferdinand and Nina in Waikiki

Home>Chicklings>Ferdinand and Nina in Waikiki

You've got to watch out for Ferdinand and Nina, those adventurous Zehland chicks. You never know where they will turn up next.  Here they are on a tropical Waikiki beach in sunny Honolulu with what l thought was a Mai Tai, but they tell me it's Coco Mist. Hope there's no rum in there! Below is the recipe WITH rum (adults only - for children, just leave it out or use 1/2 tsp. rum flavoring) courtesy of Beth of Gemworks by Beth on Etsy.

Georgia and Emmy Fluffentail

Home>Chicklings>Georgia and Emmy Fluffentail

Little Georgia was hopping among the crocus one fine Spring day when all of a sudden, she came beak to nose with a brown bunny.

"Good day," she said.
"And a very fine day to you," answered the cottontail. "Where are you going on this lovely day?"
"Just wandering and looking at all the beautiful flowers," replied Georgia. "It's a perfect day for flowers!"
"May I join you?" asked the bunny. "My name is Emmy. Emmy Fluffentail. I like flowers too."

So off they went. And never a finer day was had by two new friends.

Georgia and Emmy Fluffentail fine art print is available in the Zehland Etsy shop.

Kites in March

Home>Chicklings>Kites in March

 Whee! It's March! And you know what that means...Spring breezes and kite flying.

Nina has her favorite color - pink. She might be in danger of being carried right away. Hold in tight, Nina!

Ferdinand is running to give his kite some help - and hoping it will pull him right up in the air too.
Kites in March fine art print is for sale in Zehland Etsy shop

Easter Bonnet

Home>Chicklings>Easter Bonnet

To help celebrate Easter, the annual Easter Parade & Easter Bonnet Festival is held every year on 5th Avenue in New York City. Guess where our two friends are?  

Ferdinand Surfing in Waikiki Animated Video

Home>Chicklings>Video>Ferdinand Surfing in Waikiki

Ferdinand Surfing Watercolor Print
Ferdinand spent some time practicing his surfing skills while on vacation in Hawaii.

In case you're not a surfer, he's happy to show you how it's done in the video below!

Click here for the print of Ferdinand surfing available for sale in my print shop