Ferdinand for President

Ferdinand is running for president. Seriously!
 He actually has a fairly good following among the animals at Tulipa Farm. And if you have not yet decided about the coming election, he would like your vote as well.

You would be in good company: the rabbits, the sheep and the chickens are all for him. He's promised them everything they ask for and more besides.

He will make a good president. You can tell he's hard-working because he has his shirt sleeves rolled up:

His running mate is none other than the lovely Nina. She has promised to keep everything color-coordinated.

Ferdinand will make sure you get what you want if you vote for him. If you don't know what you want, the animals have some suggestions:

So let's wish them luck. Go Ferdinand and Nina 2012!
  • Ferdinand for President is an ACEO sized original watercolor painting - 2-1/2 x 3-1/2 inches with an extra one half inch border around the painting.
  • Price: $49 with free shipping
  • It will be listed for sale at Zehland.Etsy.com tonight, October 17, at 9PM Eastern Time
See you tonight and don't forget to vote!

~Hugs from Janet, Ferdinand and Nina