A Chickling Ballet - Ferdinand and Nina Baby Chicks Dancing

"A Chickling Ballet" fine art print on watercolor paper
It should come as no surprise that dancing a duet in a ballet was not Ferdinand's idea of an adventure. But it certainly was Nina's. She loved the thought of wearing a pink tutu and a sparkling tiara and dancing onstage in satin pointe shoes

The image below is the original watercolor study for the final painting:

After completing the study, I paint a 10x8 inch version, changing the chick's position a little bit. This version (the first and last images on this page) is for sale as a fine art print.

Working on the 10x8 watercolor of A Chickling Ballet made into fine art prints

The completed print image is below. Go to my print shop to order this print on paper, canvas or matted and framed under "Wall Art". Or on a coffee mug, greeting card, phone case or tote bag. Have fun! Here is where you can order:
Zeh Fine Art Prints Shop - Baby Chicks Ballet

"A Chickling Ballet" fine art print