The Colts and the Rams - Football Season in Zehland

Labor Day signals the official start of the football season in Zehland every year. With fall approaching, everyone looks forward to watching their favorite teams play.

Ferdinand had wanted to be on one of the teams, but he realized that as the only chick, he would have been trampled by the larger animals, so he just watches like everyone else.

 Nina likes to watch the game too especially when her favorite team, the Colts, are playing (they wear pink and purple, so naturally they are her favorite).

The colts have the ball! They wear helmets to play because, though they are quick and light of foot, the game is rough especially when playing against the Rams.

The rams are not as quick as the colts, but they are very tough! They have extremely hard heads and don't need helmets.

Nina wears her team's colors, pink and purple, to the game. She rustles a pompom and calls out encouragement between bites of popcorn.

Ferdinand wears black and turquoise to show support for the Rams, his favorite team. Who will win?

Enjoy football season wherever you are!