Nina's Broken Bone - A Chickling Story

This Chickling painting and story is a special order for one of the Zehland collectors who broke her hip recently. Happy to say, she is on the mend and will be home soon!

No one knows exactly how it happened (except perhaps Ferdinand and he’s not telling), but Nina found herself quite unexpectedly laid up with her leg in a cast. Nina is a fast hopper and she had been racing Ferdinand home from the library. She had caught up to him and almost passed him when suddenly she tripped on something and took a nasty fall.

Dr. Styvesant, a portly hog in residence who answered the emergency call, said she had a broken bone. He put her leg in a cast and told her to rest as much as possible so she could heal. But she also needed daily exercise. So she had a crutch and a walker to help.

Nina took it all with her usual bright outlook. She decided that what would really help her heal is pink:
pink crutch  and a pink bow on her walker
pink furniture
pink lounge wear
as much pink as possible.

She had a chaise lounge with a sun umbrella (pink of course) set out in the garden where lilacs and lily-of-the-valley were blooming - some of her favorite flowers. And there she rested, reading the picture books she got from the library.

Ferdinand brought her pink lemonade whenever she rang the little pink bell by her side.
Then he sat and kept her company as long as she wanted. It made him feel better to wait on her. If he really did trip her (and it’s not a far stretch to imagine that he did) then she should get some compensation.

And hopefully Nina’s leg will be mended and she’ll be back to hopping very soon!

Author's note: This story is based upon an actual event in my childhood just before I started third grade while racing my big brother home from the library. In my case, it was a broken (actually smashed) right elbow that landed me in the hospital with my arm in traction for two weeks, then in a cast for several months. Since it was my writing/drawing arm, I had to become a lefty for a while.

I never knew why I fell, but all these years later, he admits that he tripped me! ~Janet