The Zehland Story

I magine for a moment a pleasant world: a world of blossoms, honeybees and butterflies. A wren’s sweet chirpings and the buzzing of hummingbirds fill the air. The delicate perfume of roses, the honeyed-scent of elderberry flowers and a whiff of new mown grass in the distance delight your senses.

Image a world that is young and new, where you wander bright-eyed with wonder at the sights and sounds and the amazing new creatures you meet. You are in Zehland.

On the surface, the Zehland Story appears to be a series in a children’s adventure book. In reality, it is that and much more. It is a state of mind, a place where you connect with that which is most precious, most vulnerable, most adorable, most eager, most playful, most innocent: the child within you.

The story begins with Ferdinand and Nina, two little chicks from Tulipa Farm who have wandered away from their friends in the barnyard to see what else there might be in the world. When they see a toy boat floating by the edge of the pond, their curiosity gets the better of them and they hop inside. The wind blows the boat out into the open water and an adventure begins in which they are taken to the far shore where things are quite different from their well-ordered life at the farm.

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…the long-legged Heron looked with wonder at this strange thing floating past her.
Unaware of the danger, Ferdinand and Nina sail right past a heron