Ferdinand and Nina

For a newly hatched chick, Ferdinand is a daring one. His impulsive nature prompts him to do the unexpected; one never knows where he will be or what he will do next. This keeps the other chicks at Tulipa Farm on their toes, especially Nina. She adores Ferdinand and follows him everywhere.

Fortunately for Nina, Ferdinand does not mind a tag-along. In fact, he sometimes even feels a bit protective of her. So Nina, sweet-natured and trusting, is drawn into one adventure after the other. Though her hero's escapades can lead the two into tight situations, Nina tends to look with wide-eyed innocence at the bright side of things. In this carefree way, Ferdinand and Nina explore the oh-so-big, exciting world of Zehland.
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On the other side of Botanikah Pond, lost in the land of Araucana, Ferdinand and Nina huddled shivering under a prickly wild rose bush.
Ferdinand and Nina hide from a kitten
Ferdinand and Nina hide from a new danger
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