What is Zehland?

Zehland (pronounced Zay-land) must seem like a big world to small chicks. Ferdinand and Nina and their four chick friends live at Tulipa Farm with its large barn and barnyard, orchards and fields, meadows brimming with wildflowers, and sheep, goats, cows, pigs and geese.

Beyond the sunny meadow to the north, a dark forest looms. To the south shimmers the vast expanse of the Fantu Sea. Closer to home, the Botanikah Gardens, heavy with the sweet scent of flowers from early Spring through late Fall, is alive with the music of bees and song birds. But it is Botanikah Pond, sparkling in the morning sun, that beckons Ferdinand and Nina to embark upon their first adventure in Zehland.

Map of Zehland
In Zehland, northeast of the Fantu Sea,
You’ll discover a place where six chicks will be.
They’re having adventures on Tulipa Farm
As Mother Hens cackle to keep them from harm.
Edgar’s the bold one, Camille a fine lady
Georgia’s a dreamer and Oscar’s the baby.
Ferdinand follows the wind where it blows
And Nina’s beside him wherever he goes.
The Gardens Botanikah are all around them
Butterflies, flowers and sweet scents surround them.
Let’s see where they go and watch what they do
They surely won’t mind if we come along too!

Location: the northeastern edge of the Fantu Sea

Places in Zehland:
  • Araucana
  • Botanikah Gardens
  • Botanikah Pond
  • Botanikah Stream
  • Fantu River
  • Fantu Sea
  • Mystical Marsh
  • Tulipa Farm
  • Zehland Forest