New Chickling Desk Calendar

Happy to have a new desk calendar ready for the coming year!

It took some deliberating, but finally Ferdinand and Nina decided upon some appropriate themes for each month of the new calendar. Generally the themes have to do with holidays, but not always. Some things took priority - like football.

Nina insisted upon this one for the cover, because it's an ART calendar.

Paddy the polar bear wanted to be in the calendar this year, so that's why they chose this one for January - any other month wouldn't be cold enough.

Each page is printed in bright color on heavyweight card stock.

Of course, Valentine's Day took precedence for February and not just because of Nina. Ferdinand has fond memories of Valentine's Day chocolates. 

 The calendar has a faux-leather black stand to keep everyone upright.

And then there is Mother's Day in May. Both Ferdinand and Nina are very proud of getting up early to serve Mother Hen breakfast in bed.

A mini-story related to the image is on the back of each month

Skipping all the way to October, because Halloween!  Even though they did not find the Gingerbread House, chicks love Halloween, so it had to be the one for October. No arguments there.

A spiral binding helps keep the pages flat

December took a while to decide upon, but Santa had to be included. They finally agreed upon this one and I think it's a good choice:

And then there are all the rest of the months  which you can see below. Can you guess which month got football? Click the image to see it larger.

This calendar is sold out!