An Earth Day Chickling - Ferdinand and Nina plant a Garden

April 22 is Earth Day! The sun is shining and the breeze is soft and mild in Zehland.

Ferdinand and Nina saw that someone had planted some lettuce seeds in the garden. Ferdinand guessed it must have been Emmy Fluffentail, the cottontail rabbit, because she loves lettuce.

 "Let's plant something too," said Ferdinand.  Nina thought that was a good idea. They got out some garden tools and a package of dried peas for planting. My, chicks love peas!
"It seems a shame to put these lovely peas in the ground and get them all dirty," observed Nina.

"But if we plant them, we'll get lots and lots more!" exclaimed Ferdinand.

"How many?" wondered Nina.

"Oh, about ten thousand or so," replied Ferdinand knowingly. So they set to work with visions of all the peas that they would soon be eating. Ferdinand planted the peas.

Nina supervised:

She set out a little stake to show what was planted:

Before long all the peas were planted and they watered them with the watering can. Now all they have to do is wait!

Have a good Earth Day. Will you be planting a garden?