Cornucopia - a Thanksgiving Chickling

The days were growing shorter, the autumn leaves had fallen and Ferdinand and Nina were looking forward to Thanksgiving. "I'll be an Indian chief!" declared Ferdinand. But Nina  had a different idea.

"No, you were one last year. This year, I will be an Indian maid and you can be a Pilgrim." she said.  "I was the Pilgrim last time."

Ferdinand thought this was a fine idea especially when he was dressed in his tall black hat with the shiny buckle and black jacket with a big white collar and cuffs. He looked quite handsome as a Pilgrim.

Nina, of course, wore a pink feather in her headband and pink beads on her fringed leather dress and moccasin boots.

There was a large cornucopia display set out at Tulipa Farm and the two chicks went out to investigate. My what a lot of goodies there were!

Nina thought of all the delicious pumpkin seeds there must be in those big pumpkins. Ferdinand had all he could do to not eat the grapes, and if truth be told, he did try one or two. Then they went back to the barn for a Thanksgiving feast!

To all Zehlanders, we are thankful for you and wish you a bright and happy day!